Los Angeles is the biggest manufacturing hub in the U.S., and we're proud to contribute to the numbers! Thanks to our awesome friends at virtual reality service DreamShow, you can step into a typical day at the P.F. factory -- no LA traffic necessary.

Our entire product line is poured, packed and shipped right from our studio. Take the tour to check out our quality control center, see where all online shop orders are packed, and spot the intense foosball game going on in the break room. A lot goes on here, so please excuse the mess. You'll see.

Click here if you're reading on mobile. Keep scrolling after the tour for some shots of production in action, taken by Grant Puckett.

A Typical Day at P.F. 

We start our days at HQ around 8am, with the production team arriving first to get things moving. Wax is melted, blended with fragrance and prepped for pouring. The previous day’s batches of candles are set and ready to be checked for quality, labeled and capped. 

The liquids department stays busy too: Tony’s on reed diffusers, Brian makes room sprays (and the occasional batch of tealights) and Leslie’s hand-dipping incense by the thousands. Once product is ready to go out the door, the e-comm and shipping team get it to you -- in your favorite boutiques, national accounts or right at your front door.

Back in the office, the retail, accounts, and marketing teams are working on that candle-to-customer connection. Our retail team, Lizzie and Sarah, ensure our 100% satisfaction policy. Shelby, Chandler and Sam work with boutiques and national accounts to keep shelves stocked everywhere. And the marketing team, made up of myself and founder/creative director Kristen, creates content to keep our followers informed and engaged! A typical day at HQ is pretty crazy -- to think that only two years ago we were operating in just 1300 square feet (you can learn all about that here). Big thanks again to DreamShow for making this virtual tour possible.

Get to know the rest of our team here, or figure out how to be part of it! 

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