For the first ever P.F. Playlist, music collective Soulection's very own Esta , a local producer and huge talent, put together this special mix just for us. The musician and P.F. fan shares an hour of his current faves, perfect for getting comfortable and lighting a candle on those slow nights. 

I’m Esta, a music producer/DJ born in LA and raised in Temecula. This is my current 'late-night chilling in the studio’ playlist and I thought it’d be a dope share for people to enjoy with a P.F. candle!

Lighting and scents are major essentials for me when I create. I’ve been purchasing from P.F. Candle Co. since I moved into my own place and it has definitely made this place feel like a home even when I’m not used to the city life since I came from the suburbs.

Esta's Go-To Scent: Definitely Spruce and Spiced Pumpkin. The Spruce reed diffuser is a must in the studio! Something about good scents and lighting really gets me in the zone.

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Don't have Spotify? Listen to the playlist here!
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