It's finally here! All year, we've been so excited for the launch of our newest scent, No. 29: Piñon! Available in three candle sizes, reed diffusers, room sprays, and incense, Piñon is the woody companion to best-selling Teakwood & Tobacco. Unisex spice of black pepper and cinnamon blend with calming, nostalgic amber and vanilla. Get to know the scent then try it for yourself: you just might have a new favorite. 

Photo by Julia Muller

Piñon is inspired by those first days of autumn, when lingering summer warmth gives way to crisp evenings. Like a day spent hiking with friends followed by the glow and comfort of an evening bonfire, the Piñon experience wraps up the cozy scents of nostalgia.

The woody blend of spice and earth captures the essence of the Piñon Pine, a coniferous staple from the American Southwest. Dense notes of pine and balsam fir balance resinous amber and spicy black pepper. Smoky cedarwood and light vanilla add warmth and familiarity. It feels like an old friend: cultivated but intimate. Piñon is the new Teakwood & Tobacco -- reminiscent of a favorite jacket, worn and comfortable, adorned with a familiar cologne.

Top notes: pine, balsam fir
Heart: amber, black pepper
Base: vanilla, cedarwood, cinnamon


@branchabode / @lauralucy_f

"Notes of black pepper and the pine it gets its name from creep out from below the sweetness of vanilla and cinnamon -- like a sophisticated, freshly baked snickerdoodle with a kick. Essentially, Piñon has the power to make me long for the young days of a season I do not usually adore." - @lauralucy_f

"The reed diffuser is placed on top of my commode, it's not intrusive which I appreciate the most. The pleasant smell sneaks into my nose and really, it makes me dream about pine woods and cozy huts, even during my stressful exam period in the middle of summer." - @friederikchen

"Piñon smells like where I want to be — outside in the deliciously fresh air and feeling humbled among towering pine and balsam fir trees. It reminds me of my home away from home." - @valerielily 

"I'm absolutely loving the new Piñon scent. Everyone who walks into our house asks what smells so good... and it's our diffuser! Piñon reminds me of fall evenings around the campfire. I want to burn my candle all the time but also want to save it so it lasts forever! What a predicament." - @emilyeveryday

Now it's your turn to try it out: click to shop the full No. 29: Piñon collection! Let us know how you're liking it by tagging us at @pfcandleco. 

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