For years, our founder Kristen dreamt of owning a California home with mature fruit trees - because that’s the life, right? By 2015, she met her match: an East LA bungalow with not one, but two fig trees right in its backyard. A love grew quickly for the sweet Mission figs, inspiring No. 28: Black Fig. This refined unisex fragrance is at home in a downtown loft as equally as a farmhouse windowsill. 

Sophisticated, mysterious, and just a little bit wild. Most importantly? You can now get your hands on it (cue celebration emojis).


Ripe mission fig is blended with bright evergreen top notes, while a heart of lavender shines through layers of patchouli and moss. Spice clove burns throughout, warming up this earthy, mysterious scent.

Top Notes: pine, fir needle, cypress
Heart: spice clove, tobacco, lavender, Mission Fig
Base: amber, patchouli, forest moss

The release of No. 28 Black Fig is the best way to start 2017, being that it's our first new scent to be introduced in all forms - candles, reed diffusers, and room sprays. For a limited time, we're also offering what we call the New Scent Starter Kit (learn more about that here). Each application has its own bit of magic, depending on how and where you use them. Burning Black Fig (available in three candle sizes) has a way of drawing together all the things in your home that calm you. It's crisp and soothing, allowing you to tap into the art of Hygge: the Danish idea that a home full of comfort leads to a content living.

We let some friends and favorite boutiques get their hands on the scent early. From Brooklyn's Stone Fruit Espresso, to long-time P.F. fan & owner of the prettiest home South Carolina, Christina, here's a bit from their Black Fig experience. Soon, we'll be sharing yours! 

Photos by @gemary & @thestellabluegallery

Photo by Stone Fruit Espresso.

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