Our first new product launch of 2017 is elevating your favorite scents through the smoke and serenity of incense. First launching in seven scents, P.F. incense promotes positive energy and transforms spaces in a way we’ve never done before. There's just something about your favorite scents floating in smoke that's a bit magical. 

The amber glass that’s made our candles so recognizable won’t be found here, but you will see the signature kraft packaging design. P.F. incense sticks fill small to large spaces nicely, whether burning in your bathroom to start the day off, or bringing a little zen to the bedroom before falling asleep (just be sure to extinguish before dozing off). Each incense pack comes with 15 sticks, giving you about 15 hours of burn time and 30-40 hours of scent. 

We’re more than just candles. Our mission is to activate the senses, allowing you to P.F. your own way (that might not be a real verb, but we just made it one). Burn our incense with purpose, cleanse the negativity away and calm the air at home. Schedules are hectic, there are things to be done, but it’s important to slow down. Start with incense to energize your space.

A full-batch production week yields anywhere from 200 to 250 packs of 15 -- that’s almost 4,000 sticks! Charcoal incense sticks are hand-dipped into our special fragrance blends, packaged, and shipped from our team to you.

Each of the 7 scents available has their own transformative qualities, perfect for any mood. Here’s the run-down:
No. 04: Teakwood & TobaccoMusky and a little sexy, perfect for a calming a busy day and wrapping up before bed.
No. 11: Amber & MossBright and layered, tackle that to-do list with a scent perfect for mornings and afternoons alike. 
No. 19: Patchouli SweetgrassA modern twist on a classic, an after-work energy boost. Go ahead and start that DIY project you’ve been eyeing.
No. 21: Golden CoastInspired by beach hikes, perhaps those cleaning chores won’t be so bad. The ultimate nostalgia at any hour. 
No. 25: NightshadeFloral and calming, perfect for adding to that bedtime routine. Treat-yo-self. 
No. 26: CopalWoody, herbal, a little spicy. Great for adding a little positivity to a busy morning. Yes, you do have time. 
No. 28: Black FigSweet and mysterious, open all the windows and spring into the sunny weekends ahead. 

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We're super excited to hear all about your experience with P.F. incense, so let us know how you're enjoying it! Tag us @pfcandleco or use #pfcandleco for a chance to be featured. 

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