While most of us can appreciate good design, we all know some people whose love for it stretches way further, inspiring pretty much everything they wear and buy. Our picks make gifting for your most discerning friend easy this holiday season.

1. Hills & Valleys Pillow by Cotton & Flax, $85
We chose this pillow, from Los Angeles based Cotton & Flax, for those cool, abstract shapes that can match any room. 

2. Kettle from SMEG, $129.95
This kettle seems to be popping up everywhere, which means we all need one. That's how it works, right? 

3. Menu Wire Planter by Norm Architects, $75-$105
Everything this Copenhagen brand creates is from quality materials and craftsmanship, like this Japanese inspired planter that's great indoors or out. 

4. Patio Blanket by BFGF, $175
This blanket from LA based BFGF can be used as a throw, but we like it best as a statement-making tapestry. 

5. Necessary Planner
 by Poketo, $36

Poketo is all about design and art, meaning all their stationery is this awesome. Who knew you needed such a cool planner? 

6. Tealight Holder by Native Makers, $30
The size of this walnut & brass tealight holder makes it perfect for a centerpiece, coffee table, or desk and is sold in our online shop! You even get 6 P.F. Candle Co. tealights. Win!

7. Golden Coast Double Wick by P.F. Candle Co., $32
Inspired by the California coast, this is one of our most popular scents. The 14oz Double Wick size fills a whole room and burns for up to 50 hours. 

8. The Journal Planner from Poketo, $28
If #5 isn't really your style, we also love this open-dated small agenda.

9. Marble Cheese Board
 from Williams Sonoma, $59.95

You know you walked in because of some cooking demo smells, but you might walk out with this moody marble cheese board. 

10. Frank Lloyd Wright Book by Bruce Books Pfeiffer, $45
The perfect coffee table book for any lover of design. 

11. Sunday 005 Wall Hanging by WKNDLA, $160
A wall hanging that's hand-crafted and unique. What's better than that?

12. Wiggles Basket from Fazeek Homewares, $58-66
The pattern on this belly basket is our favorite from this Melbourne, Australia studio!

13. Mojave Reed Diffuser by P.F. Candle Co., $22
Reed diffusers: low maintenance and room-filling. You can't lose, especially with our transportive, musky Mojave. 

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