Shopping for your coolest friend can be difficult: it seems like they already have everything! We just made tackling those gifts way easier by putting together a list of beautifully functional items from brands we love. Here's all you need to impress just about anyone.  

1. US Cutting Board by American Heirloom, $48
American Heirloom Inc. is a husband-wife Brooklyn shop making their name for these hand-crafted cutting boards. They're available in all state shapes, too!

2. 3-Cup Classic Coffeemaker from Chemex, $38.90
Chemex is the ideal gift for coffee lovers, guaranteed to make that pure cup of coffee every time. Your coffeemaker should look this cool, too. 

3. Cordoba Backpack by Nisolo, $238

We all need some structure in our lives, and that's why we chose this sturdy backpack from Nisolo, made of vegetable tanned leather. 

4. Sideways Spoon from Grain & Knot, $75
We chose this handcrafted spoon from London-based Grain and Knot because it's perfect for big holidays pots and dishes.

5. Copal Standard Candle by P.F. Candle Co., $18
Inspired by a getaway to Tulum, this relaxing fragrance is woody and spicy with a hint of citrus and a resinous base.

6. Valet Tray by Graf Lantz, $65
Perfect for travel or at home, this collapsible felt and leather tray is here to make sure you never lose your keys. 

7. Triangle Tray by Concrete Geometric, $38
Keep your favorite jewelry or some spare change in these shallow concrete trays. The best part? Concrete Geometric is donating a portion of all pieces bought from their shop to Best Friends Animal Society Shelter!

8. Patchouli Sweetgrass Room Spray by P.F. Candle Co., $10
We've put our modern take on the classic patchouli in room spray form. Now you can spritz our founder's favorite in any room

9. Zen Dog Print by Danielle Kroll, $30
Pretty much the most peaceful dog ever.

10. Matchstriker by Gopi Shah Ceramics, $42
Our friend and ceramicist Gopi Shah makes these wheel-thrown matchstrikers with textured stoneware perfect for lighting strike-anywhere matches.

11. Horizon Planters by A Question of Eagles, $25
Minimalistic and moody, these little handmade planters are the perfect mix of satin black and raw clay.

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