It started with a blog. Ten years ago, “pommes frites” was launched as an outlet for DIY projects, inspiration aggregation, and a personal journal. pommes frites, the blog, grew into a business, where I started selling the handmade items I wrote about. pommes frites chronicled two cross country moves, and the growth of my business from the early days, to the launch of our amber jar line. I stopped writing in 2011, focusing instead on the growth of our business.

If you’re reading this entry, you’re probably familiar with what the company looks like now. Three years ago, it was just Tom and myself. A year before that, it was just me, struggling to makes ends meet while running P.F. out of our second bedroom in Long Beach.

We are now a team of 31, with staff ranging from production assistants to content creators to sales. This rapid growth has been humbling and exhilarating.

We’re re-launching the blog today in the spirit of transparency and community building. We want to give you a peek behind the scenes at our growing company, share inspiration, diy projects, collaborations, and inspire with business advice. Welcome to the P.F. Blog - we’re excited to have you here!

-Kristen, Founder & Creative Director

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